Why Use Simple Outdoor Living for Your Project?

Simple Outdoor Living was designed from the beginning to be different.  Here’s how that difference benefits you:


A totally new and better way to build your outdoor project

The outdoor construction industry is out-of-date, confusing and overwhelming. There are designers with different talents, contactors with different specialties and 1000’s of stone, paver and concrete products. How do you choose? Here’s how we can help:

• We have a unique high-tech 3D design process that takes hours instead of months. You’ll get to see your project before it’s built. You’ll save time and money.
• Instead of choosing from 1000’s of stone, paver and concrete products, we offer you a choice selection of the most popular materials, cherry-picked from the top suppliers, worldwide.
• You get to choose your contractor from a selection of vetted contractors who are pre-qualified specialists in your specific type of project and who then compete for your business.

You won’t be overwhelmed, and yet you’ll have unprecedented freedom, choice and control.

Choose your own Creative Designer and Contractor

We offer you a choice of Creative Designers. You’re not locked in to a style you don’t like. You can choose one yourself, or we can recommend one for you.

Other companies are linked to individual designers or on staff designers. At Simple Outdoor Living, you’re not locked in to someone else’s choice – it’s your choice, we’ll help you find the right one.

You’re free to choose one of our recommended Contractors, let us choose one for you, or use your own contractor.

Why get locked into a “one-size-fits-all” contractor who’s not right for you or your project?

Designers and Contractors specialize in your specific type of project

We’ll recommend a designer skilled at your specific type of project.

Designers have specialties. They have different styles. Some are more skilled at your type of project. We know them and we‘ll recommend the right one for your project.

Multiple Contractors compete for your business

Simple Outdoor Living is unique in the industry. We’ll recommend several different contractors who have been pre-vetted based on price, track record and specialty. You’re not obligated to use them. They must compete for your business based on merit. It’s your choice. Or we can pick one for you.

Contractors are vetted and pre-qualified to build your specific project

Contractors are all different. They have different specialties and different expertise. We recommend a choice of highly-vetted contractors, only if they pre-qualified for and experienced in your particular type and style of project.

We don’t accept payment from contractors to recommend them. It’s a merit system. We vet based on pricing, reputation, proven track record and reviews. We encourage you to check out their reviews on Yelp, Houzz and Angie’s List.

Our unique 3D design process provides more options and creative freedom

You and your designer will create your project together, in real time. You will see your project using our unique 3D technology before it is even built. This technology enables us to design your project in hours instead of months – saving you time and money.

Our design process is more efficient and less expensive. It yields overall better designs. Less changes, less misunderstandings, fewer surprises.

See it before you build it. A new visual way to choose materials

Visualize your materials inside a 3D view of your outdoor space.

Our 3D technology enables you to choose materials and immediately see them from any angle inside a 3D model of your space.  There will be no guesswork. What you see is what you get.

Choose Materials by sight and touch in The Experience Center

You’ll choose your pavers, stone or concrete products by seeing and feeling them in our unique high-tech showroom, the Experience Center.

There are 1000’s of different pavers, stone and concrete products out there. So material selection can be overwhelming and can create confusion and misunderstandings. We solved the problem by screening out the bad products and hand-picking only the most popular products from the top suppliers. The best of the best.

If you wish, you can provide your own materials. We can even negotiate a better price from your supplier.

You’re not locked into in-house materials.

Material suppliers can only recommend their in-house brand. We don’t get paid to showcase anyone’s products.

We are not material suppliers and unlike them, we are not obligated to offer only an in-house brand. We vet the material suppliers just like we vet the designers and contractors. Then based on our experience, we hand-pick only the best materials from the best suppliers. You can also choose your own materials from any outside suppliers.

You own the design and construction plans

After the design process is complete, we’ll recommend several pre-vetted contractors, qualified for your specific job for you to choose from. You don’t have to pick any of them.  You can simply take your design plans with you. It’s your project and your design.

Pricing is based on competitive bids.

Pricing is based on competition. Multiple vetted contractors bid on your project. By choosing your contractor, you choose your price.

Simple Outdoor Living is unique in the industry. No one else offers this kind of pricing.

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