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1. See it before you build it

After an initial consultation in which we take measurements of your outdoor living space, our designers will use a 3D software to create a design just for you. You will then be able to come in to our design center, to view your project in 360° space!

2. Choose the best materials

Now let’s make it best fit you. Our designers will help you choose materials from a multitude of textures, shapes and colors from the top suppliers worldwide.

3. Work with the best

Ready to get started? It’s your project and you deserve a great contractor. That’s why we have vetted and prequalified only the best contractors based on their experience, reliability and quality of work to ensure you are receiving the best possible outcome for your outdoor living space.


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To get started, browse our portfolio of projects.  What do you want to do?  A new driveway?  A waterfall?  A total backyard makeover?  We can do that.  There’s no limit to the creative solutions available to you.


Helped me from start to finish. They helped with the design, and had 3 of the best local contractors bid on my project for me to save me time and money. Seriously, thanks Simple Outdoor Living.

Kevin C.Frontyard Remodel in Costa Mesa, CA

Just wow. I’ve never had such an easy, seamless process for my home project. And I saved money!

Emily K.Outdoor Kitchen in Irvine, CA

My backyard is completely transformed. Got rid of my unused grass so I save on my water bill too.

Michael B.Backyard Paver Remodel in Brea, CA

Finally got my old pool deck updated. My kids actually want to swim in our backyard again!

Melissa H.Pool Remodel in Fullerton, CA

We love to entertain so we play host quite often now. Dining in has never been better.

Erin G.Outdoor Kitchen Remodel in Orange, CA

Love my new paver driveway! Makes the front of the home look fresh and inviting.

Lauren W.Driveway Remodel in Lake Forest, CA

So cool to see my fire pit design in 3D. Made it way easier for the construction crew to work off those blueprints to make it exactly right the first time.

Adam L. Outdoor Fire Pit in Diamond Bar, CA

Best money I could’ve spent to update the outside of my house. Neighbors are jealous to say the least.

Hayley W.Stone Veneer in Yorba Linda, CA

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Backyard Ideas Tip #1: Paver Pool Remodels

In this new installment of backyard ideas in Orange County, we take a look at the age-old debate of concrete versus paver pool remodels. We believe that paver pool remodels make the most sense. They’re affordable, add instant value to your home, and are a generally safer option.


Finished Paver Pool Remodel in Anaheim Hills, CA


Paver Pool Remodels Upgrade Your Home and Add Instant Value

In almost all cases, upgrading your pool with paverstones instantly increases the property value of your home — especially in Orange County, CA. While concrete has been around for awhile and has dominated the “pool deck game” for decades, pavers have been around for literally thousands of years. Pavers are a tried-and-true option with proven results.

Masonry contractors report that pavers serve as a special material in Southern California.

It blends well with the beautiful sunny weather, unique greenery of Palm Trees and other Californian plant life, art of outdoor living, and science of home project construction and installation.

And with all the options available, pavers are certain to match any homeowners personal taste and style. This will help bring the most out of your backyard. We recommend visiting our new design center and showroom, or even your local material supplier, to see the many, many options now available (click to enlarge).

Some Paver Samples on Display at our New Showroom in Anaheim, CA


Paver Pool Remodels Are Generally Safer than Concrete Pools

While concrete is kind of a classic look for pools, pavers are proven to be generally safer. First, pavers are more porous and less likely to suffer the wear and tear that concrete faces. Concrete is also more subject to water damage than pavers.

3D Design Rendering of Paver Pool Remodel in Yorba Linda, CA

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5 Ways to Build a Better Outdoor Living Space in Orange County, CA

Your outdoor space can either add beauty to your home and bring people together, or simply be an area of burden and upkeep. If you’re keen to building the former, there are many creative ideas that can help make your outdoor living space a more pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, and without spending a fortune. Below we share five of those ideas to help you create a better outdoor living space.


Outdoor BBQ Built in North Orange County, CA


Outdoor patios are the perfect gathering space positioned just outside your home. Not only can patios be built using a wide variety of materials, ranging from wood to stone brick pavers, but patios can also help make your house appear bigger than it actually is. They offer many uses ranging from relaxation areas to hosting spaces. If you add the right furniture to the patio, you can create a second living room that caters to hosting gatherings, parties, and even outdoor picnics.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Like indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits come available in different varieties ranging from gas to wood fired and coral limestone to bonfire pit designs. You can choose either style depending on the type of your house and the type of fuel you prefer. For those with large patio spaces, outdoor fireplaces add a layer of elegance and inviting warmth. Fire pits, however, are typically better for backyards and open spaces that call the homestead to join around the fire.


3D Design of Outdoor Living Space in North Orange County, CA


Other than adding beauty, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are great at keeping you warm when it gets chilly. Not only do such improvements inspire conversations and gathers, but you can keep your guests warm when sitting on the patio. In addition, you can choose a multipurpose fireplace such as one that doubles as a grill to get more functionalities and add value to your investment. Or for something simple, consider outdoor fire pit kits that can be easily built and enjoyed in the same day.

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