About Simple Outdoor Living

Simple Outdoor Living is the first construction integration company in Orange County that is hired by the homeowner to consult, advise and assist them through the process of an outdoor construction project.

Bryan Gustavson,

My Experience

I got started in construction when I was 14 years old. I grew to have a love of construction and of helping people build something that had purpose.

In pursuing that goal over the past 18 years, I realized that the outdoor living industry was outdated and somewhat broken. I saw an inefficient, painful process with standard industry practices that were not in the client’s best interest.

The Industry

In the outdoor living industry, designers and contractors are frequently drafted into projects that they are not qualified or suited for:

• Designers who are tied to a single contractor (or vice versa)
• Material suppliers who can only recommend their own products
• Contractors who try to be all things to all people
• Homeowners who are intimidated and stuck in this broken process because they have no other options.

I had a better idea

I developed a completely new way of integrating the relationships between the client, the designer, the material provider and the contractor. This integration has three aspects: process, providers and purpose.

Our Process

You are as involved as you want in selecting your service providers and controlling your project. Want to hand it completely over to us? No problem. Want to take the lead and choose your own team? You got it.

Our Providers: It’s Based on Merit

We go through a continual vetting process, and then select the best designers, material suppliers and contractors – the cream of the crop. We play to their strengths, and create the best possible match for our clients and their specific projects.

Our Purpose: A Superior Experience

We help our clients by using the strengths of the finest designers, suppliers and contractors; focusing on their specialties to create a process that gives more quality, choice and value with lower stress and that results in a superior experience.

This integration benefits everyone by enabling the service providers to do what they do best, and at the same time, giving our clients unprecedented convenience, choice and control.

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